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About Scott

Scott Knight has been helping guitarists play guitar since 1989.  A GIT and Belmont University honors graduate that has performed numerous times on the Grand Ole’ Opry, performed in Japan and continues performing locally in Santa Barbara, CA. “It is my passion to guide others to discovering the joy of playing music.”


Scott has over 25 years experience as a professional musician and has over 30 years experience teaching guitar in Nashville and Santa Barbara. With these experiences, he continues to learn the best methods by teaching and performing.


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* The 3 main guitar playing strategies I used to go from playing the same old songs to all of my favorites.

#1 You will have a schedule to write down and check off what you've practiced.

#2 How using a metronome or drum loop will increase the speed at which you learn.

#3 Using a Timer helps you progress quicker by not having to keep track for how long you've been practicing.