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Adventure eating in Kumamoto

adventure eating country gold country music eddie raven japan kumamoto live fish raw horse Nov 29, 2022
The Ginza


In Kumamoto, Japan we ate different things.


Eating live fish would only happen outside of the United States.


Our adventure eating began when all us musicians were bussed and dropped off at the Ginza (shopping center).


It looked like an open market to me with all sorts of shops to peruse.


A couple of us were spotted by the butcher shop guy looking his way.


He gave me a couple pieces of raw meat with toothpicks and soy sauce.


As I hopped on the bus, I offered some to our bass player. He scarfed it down and I followed likewise.


You may wonder what horse tastes like? It tastes like raw steak!


When I agreed with some other musicians playing at the festival to go adventure eating. I was told we would be eating live fish!


There as we walked into the restaurant was a large fish tank with trout swimming about.


My mind pictured what it would be like for all of us trying to swallow these guys while at dinner time.


Our guide/translator from Canada told us, “Since there are no pictures, I’ll order for us.” He told us we were getting sushi, horse and 2 live fish.


The sushi was humongous with fish on top of palm sized rice. They were easily a 2 or more bite endeavor.


We were invited to see the live fish that we were going to be partaking in. We put on shoes provided by the restaurant and the chef held up the fish for us to see. Not too big and he was cutting it up into bite sized cubes.


The wild part for me is how he paralyzed these fish and put a skewer through them.


They were wagging their tails when they arrived at our table.


Adventure eating at its best!

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