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Volcanic Disruption!

country gold country music eddy raven japan kumamoto mount aso volcano Nov 22, 2022
Mount Aso


20 years ago this month (October, 2002) I flew to Japan for a gig!


In Kumamoto we visited an active volcano called Mount Aso. According to Google, it is the largest active volcano in Japan.


There were fallout shelters in case an eruption occurred. (I don’t think that it would have saved any of us)


I can’t imagine a small eruption from any volcano. I think for security reasons in self, that we would feel safer looking at the volcano with these shelters.


It was so foggy that day that we were unable to see anything on the mountain.


We had a fan club that we never knew about.


A group of tourist saw us and snapped some photos.


Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans!


All the best!


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